February 2020 -- moving right along... :)

it's HERE! i have it! my new CD! it's called Chemical Reaction! i will post it here, i must learn this new system, ahhhh!! my web-host transferred me to a new web-host! oh, the things life throws at you sometimes.... so my site needs a little reconstruction, and you'll see it soon. :)

BUT - i'm thrilled to announce Chemical Reaction came out loverly, and i am currently going through all the channels of sending it out into the music-loving world. thanks to all my friends and colleagues for your support!

Mojo Monkeys come to switzerland again next month, March/April 2020, to tour and they'll play some shows with me too, presenting 'Chemical Reaction' live. so i'm looking forward to Spring!

this week i don't perform! haha. but my friends make music, here's what: Second Cousins, deep blues, play in Rotfarbkeller Aadorf, TG, MONDAY 10. Februar. / Anuschka & Evaluna perform in Eisenbeiz, Frauenfeld, TG, DONNERSTAG 13. Feb. / Alex Good & Band perform in Eisenbeiz Frauenfeld, SA 15. Februar! i'll be there, and i hope to see you!

please check 'TOUR' for details and times for all concerts... and please sign my Guestbook here on my website. Merci! 

Love and Music... Happy New Year! beth ☀❦ 

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Bad Kehlegg, Dornbirn

Kehlegg 1, 6850-Dornbirn, Austria

beth wimmer / Mojo Monkeys - double concert! back in the sweet familiar Bad Kehlegg, rustic gourmet concert location. we do love it here, in the forest hills of Dornbirn. come eat the delicious dishes and the musical fun!


'Chemical Reaction' CD-Taufe! Eisenbeiz, Frauenfeld

Eisenbeiz, Industriestrasse 23, 8500-Frauenfeld, Switzerland

'Chemical Reaction' CD-Taufe! playing the songs from my brand new album, 'Chemical Reaction' and songs from 'Bookmark' too, with my band -- my (mojo) 'Soul Mates': David Raven on drums; Billy Watts on electric guitar; Taras Prodaniuk on bass. in my favorite Thurgau venue, the Eisenbeiz. i'd be honored if you'd join us!


KulturPunkt! Flawil

St. Gallerstrasse 15, 9230-Flawil, Switzerland

beth wimmer / Mojo Monkeys - double concert! really excited to play in this brilliant (little) listening room in lovely Flawil! come early to get a good seat, even though we'll be dancing when Mojo Monkeys play. i'm happy to see the Family Geissberger and friends in KulturPunkt! and it's my Birthday! :)

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