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"...she has the sass to match the sweet." ~ Mike Davies, NetRhythms UK 

"An honest voice, full of heart and soul and incredible songs." ~ Swa,, Belgium 

 Beth Wimmer traverses a panoramic, emotional palette with her gut-straight songs of humanness, hope and humor - and personal and spiritual redemption. Her music vibrates within the unique genre of Americana - embracing Alt-Country, Rock, and Folk music. 

Wimmer has east-cost USA childhood roots, growing up with her poet mother and folk-singing grandfather, but became a Southern California resident at 18 years old. Honing her singing and songwriting in Los Angeles, Wimmer recorded 3 albums there, and performed live all over California and nationwide. 

Now Beth Wimmer blooms in Europe - making music in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands... European tour dates are always underway. A highlight for Wimmer in 2018 was playing onstage in July at Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, with her full band, Soul Mates.

In October 2017, Beth Wimmer releases her fourth full-length album, ”Bookmark”

”Bookmark”, Wimmer's 1st new collection in 6 years, offers 9 original songs, and one fantasy fulfilled of covering the late David Bowie's ”Starman”. Wimmer changes up her styles and energies, and the tunes' various stories are playful, intelligent, revealing and hopeful. Sometimes dreamlike, sometimes presented by different characters seemingly residing within Wimmer, ”Bookmark” burns with guitar based grooves, ambience, infectious rhythms, and Wimmer's mature vocal delivery.

Producing Wimmer's 2017 release, "Bookmark", and adding his soulful, storytelling guitar work is Billy Watts (Mojo Monkeys, Eric Burdon, John Mayall), the celebrated Los Angeles guitarist/singer/producer. "Bookmark" is Watts and Wimmer's first co-production together. Wimmer's first two albums were produced by drummer/singer-songwriter/producer David Raven, and on "Bookmark", Raven delivers once again on drums and percussion. David Raven shares stages and records with Mojo Monkeys, Mike Ness, Nancy Sinatra, Jim Lauderdale, and Norah Jones. Bookmark's deep-grooved bass lines are mainly played by Taras Prodaniuk (Lucinda Williams, Richard Thompson, Merle Haggard, Mojo Monkeys). And the soundscapey guitar-playing of Billy Watts (Eric Burdon, Bonnie Raitt, Dixie Chicks) is a mood-enhancing drug for Wimmer's eclectic strong songwriting. 

The songs from ”Bookmark” are additionally accented with Wimmer's acclaimed musical mates in Switzerland, singer Suzie Candell, bassist Rodrigo Aravena, and multi instrumentalist Dänu Wisler.

Catch Beth Wimmer live on tour in 2019, primarily in Switzerland, with tour dates in Austria, Germany, Italy, Holland and other European states always in the works.

Wimmer's style is edgy yet welcoming - progressive Folk on the express line to Americana-Rock. Her songs are free spirited yet grounded, down to earth, delivered with feeling and character and her precise, smoky-savory vocals.

"Beth Wimmer navigates a course of her own brand of blue-eyed soul, country-tinged folk, and completely unique musical odes of human setbacks overwhelmed by soulful transformation." - Thomas Reilly, Primerica Music Review

Beth says, "I'm incensed by intolerance and moved by simple beauty in life. Inspirations in my life and art are many... my travels and meeting vastly different people, other countries' stories.. total, unabashed Love, blissful states of mind and body, complete distress... SO MANY musicians, art, families, languages, communicating.. yoga, the weather, water, trees, mountains, ALL chocolate, animal instinct..and especially the one i Love. To name a few things..."

"BOOKMARK" CD 2018. Good folks say:

"Dear Beth
I am very very impressed with your new album...the best you recorded ever, without any debate... OK there are all these good songs, the very good rendition, but what shines the most is your voice. There is a self confidence I didn't hear before, your voice on this rich soundscape brings an emotional intensity to your songs... and you sing on melodies that are not so easy, it is your strength, it is part of your musical identity, part of your charm. And when you give us hooking melodies as on 'Pretty Good', you hit the sky! Really...this cd is kind of an artistic blossoming, you give me the feeling you found yourself, your found your own path... Merci!!"
-Mike Penard, RADIO ISA, Lhuis, France.

"Stylistically, this is a relatively bluesy album, although it opens in dreamier shape with the title track’s reverie, Watts adding electric guitar and bass to Wimmer’s acoustic on a celebration of a perfect relationship served up in musical metaphors. The blues kick in though on the uptempo 70s AM boogie rhythm of ‘Loosen My Grip’, Taras Prodaniuk laying down the bass-lines on a number basically about getting loose, letting go of the bad and going with the groove that offers up the wisdom to 'keep your eye on the sweet donut, not on the hole.' Likewise, even if the lyrics concern moving on and not crying years over a bad love, the lazing mid-tempo ballad ‘Louisiana’ also evokes thoughts of that same mellow rock era and artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon, Wendy Waldman and Maria Muldaur." -Mike Davies,, UK

"GHOSTS & MEN" CD 2011. Good folks say:

"Ghosts & Men' is a warm mix of uptempo blues and soul inflected Americana and more laid back, easy rolling balladry... The dappled folk haze of 'Easier Life' suggests early Joni Mitchell, while the funkier 'Bring You Back', the Hammond backed 'Blame Yourself' (a poignant song about her sister and deceased father) and the southern soul swing of 'Makin’ War' bring thoughts of Bonnie Raitt or the late Nicolette Larson. Deserving to reach as wide an audience as recent releases by Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams, 'Ghosts & Men' is on our list as one of 2011's best albums." -NetRhythms UK

"We cannot find a word of criticism for this excellent new album by Wimmer. The magnificent instrumental contribution of co-producer Damiano Della Torre on Hammond organ and accordion adds tremendous value to these wonderfully moving songs." -Rootstime.BE

"MIRACLE GIRL" CD 2008. Good folks say:

"I've long been an admirer of Beth's smoky alto which is front and center on the wonderful "Miracle Girl". It's her songwriting though, that shines through. The tongue in cheek "Lover from Last Summer" and "Self Righteous Son of a Bitch" are my two favorites. I love it when a writer says things in a way that they've never been said before." - Peter Barker, Threshold Sound + Music

"Beth's done it again! What an eclectic range and style she has. I crooned along to "Miracle Girl", tapped my fingers on the steering wheel to "Ten-Four", thought about our boys in Iraq when listening to "I Couldn't Do It" and laughed my ass off to "Self Righteous Son of a Bitch". Poignant lyrics and memorable melodies. The production quality is superb. It's another winner from Wimmer!" - Julian Moss, Honor Films

"LIVE WITHIN LIVE WITHOUT" CD 2004. Good folks say:

"Beth Wimmer has a visually attractive product that's as warm and earthy as her music. Most striking is this performer's hearty, folk-informed voice, complemented by violin and B3 organ. Wimmer sings effectively about self-realization ("Move On") and even gets psychedelic on the album's title track, "Live Within Live Without". - Music Connection Magazine

"Wimmer unleashes painterly-like observations packaged amidst some of the catchiest hooks this side of Elvis Costello." - Thomas Reilly, Primerica Music Review

"Live Within Live Without" is a wonderful collection of twelve tracks that showcases Wimmer's edgy and progressive sound. Her luxuriant voice mesmerizes the listener, wanting more... This tapestry of human emotions is beautifully woven and quite captivating. Beth shows her expertise in telling her story with a sensitivity and humanness that she delivers with confidence. She has definitely found a connection with her gorgeous vocals and sweeping melodies." - Audrey Elliot, Musical Discoveries


Über Beth Wimmer - "Switzerland's Americana Songstress" 

Aufgewachsen in der Nähe von Boston, von ihren älteren Geschwistern mit Janis Joplin und Neil Young infiziert, zog es Beth Wimmer mit 18 Jahren nach Süd-Kalifornien. Hier fand sie den perfekten Nährboden für ihre Inspiration. Unter der Anleitung von 'Mojo Monkeys', Roots-Rockers David Raven und Billy Watts (Keith Richards, Norah Jones. Dixie Chicks, Eric Burdon) feilte sie an ihrer Bühnenpräsenz und perfektionierte ihr Songwriting.

Beth schreibt mit viel Fingerspitzengefühl und Humor Songs über Menschen, das Leben, Träume und die Tücken der Liebe… Letztere zogen sie vor zehn Jahren dauerhaft in die Schweiz.

Ein Highlight ihrer Zeit in der Schweiz fand erst kürzlich statt: Im Juli 2018 spielte Beth mit ihrer Band Soul Mates am legendären Montreux Jazz Festival.

Mit ihrer warmen eindringlichen Stimme und dem Mix aus Folk-Rock und Americana gewann Beth die Herzen des Europäischen Publikums schnell für sich.

'Bookmark' (2018), das vierte Album von Beth, bietet neun neue Originalsongs und ein Cover von 'Starman', das den verstorbenen David Bowie ehrt.

'Bookmark' wurde von dem Gitarristen Billy Watts (Eric Burdon and The Animals, John Mayall) mit Beth co-produziert und vereint die phantastische Musikalität von Watts, David Raven und Taras Prodaniuk (Mojo Monkeys) sowie die von Beths Kollegen aus der Schweiz, Suzie Candell, Rodrigo Aravena und Dänu Wisler.

Beth freut sich über die Gelegenheit, die Songs von "Bookmark" live zu präsentieren.

"Beth Wimmers Album „Bookmark“ (2018) ist eingängige Americanamusic mit kalifornischer Sonne gewürzt und voller Esprit vorgetragen. Zehn Songs, die mit Roadmusic und Liebesballaden eine ganze Palette an Emotionen abdecken und dabei gekonnt zwischen Enthusiasmus und Sentimentalität pendeln. Auf Radio-Skala zu hören in den Sendungen von „Go-West“. -Karsten Rube, Radio Skala, Berlin.

"Die Amerikanische Singer Songwriterin Beth Wimmer (Gesang, Gitarre) spielt einen ausgewogenen Mix aus Folk, Alt-Country und Rock. Ihre sehr persönlichen Songs beschreiben die Freuden, die Dramatik und den Widerspruch des Lebens. Mit ihrer ausdrucksstarken Stimme und ihrer charmanten und kontaktfreudigen Art gewinnt sie ihr Publikum im Handumdrehen."
-David Lüthi, Percussionist, CH.



About the album, Beth Wimmer, 'Ghosts & Men' 2011

Beth Wimmer traverses a panoramic, emotional palette with her songs of humanity, hope and humor. "A beautiful voice she has," says (Holland), "Wimmer serves her songs with veins full of soul".

American singer-songwriter Beth Wimmer has called the rugged, famous mountains of Switzerland her home for some time now. After two increasingly promising albums, her newest collection of country-infused rock, 'Ghosts & Men', is by some distance her strongest yet. (

"Ghosts & Men' is a warm mix of uptempo blues and soul inflected Americana and more laid back, easy rolling balladry. The dappled folk haze of 'Easier Life' suggests early Joni Mitchell, while the funkier 'Bring You Back' and the southern soul swing of 'Makin' War' bring thoughts of Bonnie Raitt or the late Nicolette Larson. Deserving to reach as wide an audience as recent releases by Welch and Williams, it's a contender for 2011's best ofs." -NetRhythms UK

The songs from 'Ghosts & Men' are written and arranged by Beth Wimmer. The album was co-produced and engineered by multi-instrumentalist Damiano Della Torre (Sugar Blue, Terence Trent D'Arby) in Como, Italy. The album features Los Angeles great, David Raven, on drums. Della Torre plays electric guitar, bass, keyboards, accordion and percussion. Guest appearances from Pablo Leoni on drums and Gianluca Greco on the swiss Hang.

Beth Wimmer grew up in the countryside near Boston USA running through woods, wading in creeks, fishing, and playing with dogs, cats, ducks and rabbits. Her brother and sisters sparked her love for rock and roll, infusing their house with sounds of The Who, Jethro Tull, Heart, Neil Young, Janis Joplin and Cat Stevens. "The Pretenders and Led Zeppelin were essential to my survival as a teenager," says Wimmer. Beth's folk-singing grandfather was her darling, and her poet-artist, single mother, still her heroine. At the age of 18, Beth ventured to southern California. There she studied songwriting and practiced her live show. 

Wimmer says, "I'd been singing on other musicians' projects since I was 14, but I always had an ache to tell my own stories. I needed a way to express my feelings on living. I found inspiration in the gift of a beat up guitar from a friend. Right around the same time the World Trade Center came crashing down, my first songs came flooding forth." 

Wimmer released her first two fully-produced albums, 'Live Within Live Without' (2004) and 'Miracle Girl' (2008), with three in-demand Los Angeles musicians who had become friends and mentors for her: producer/drummer David Raven (Mojo Monkeys, Keith Richards, Norah Jones), bassist Taras Prodaniuk (Merle Haggard, Lucinda Williams) and guitarist Billy Watts (Eric Burdon, Bonnie Raitt). Raven co-produced and engineered Beth's records in his home-studio in Los Angeles, a 1925 French Gothic home which was originally a Catholic Rectory. Both 'Live Within Live Without' and 'Miracle Girl' were well-received, garnering praise in the US and abroad.

"...if Chris Isaac and Annie Lennox moved down to the southern part of the states and got themselves a baby girl - that girl would sound like Beth." -, Sweden.

Wimmer's songs have been chosen for onboard entertainment on Lufthansa airplanes, and have been placed in the independent film 'Two Of A Kind' (Honor Films, Los Angeles). Beth's song "Self Righteous Son of a Bitch" was a semi-finalist in the Dallas Songwriters' Association Songwriting Contest and a finalist in the UNISONG International Songwriting Contest. Beth's song "Weather" finished a finalist in the We Are Listening Lyric Writer Awards. 

Beth Wimmer now lives in Switzerland with her husband and three cats. 'Ghosts & Men' is Wimmer's fourth, full-length album--and her first European-made record. 'Ghosts & Men' receives radio play and rave reviews in Switzerland, Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Spain, the UK, and the United States.

Catch Beth on tour in Europe in 2018.

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Kirchgemeinde Dennach, Germany

Hauptstraße 28/1, 75305-Neuenbürg, Germany

Beth solo-acoustic. i love singing in this beautiful room, for the soulful, music-loving community of Dennach. my third time here, lucky me.


Montagsblues Winterthur

Ida Sträuli-Strasse 91, 8404-Winterthur, Switzerland

Beth solo-acoustic. unplugged and playing a few songs in between the uplifting and spiritual messages from speaker/host Reto Nägelin... Eine musikalisch-philosophische Reise durch den Alltagsblues. Host und Talker ist Reto Nägelin. barbetrieb ab 18:30.


b-smart bar Bendern

Selemad 12, 9487-Bendern, Liechtenstein

singin' with Suzie Candell & The Screwdrivers. come join us for a frolicking evening. Suzie Candell & the Screwdrivers live in the "b_smart friday music night" concert series! i love playing in Suzie's band!

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