Beth Wimmer

Intelligent, playful and dreamlike songs, guitar-based grooves and ambience with mature vocal delivery... stories from experience, fantasy and empathy. Here are nine new original songs from Beth, and one fantasy-fulfilled cover of David Bowie's Starman.

Beth Wimmer, raised on both east and west coasts of the US, now transplanted on swiss soil, writes and sings songs from experience, fantasy and empathy. 'Bookmark', Wimmer's fourth album, offers nine new original songs, and one fantasy-fulfilled of covering the late David Bowie's 'Starman'. 'Bookmark' is co-produced by guitarist Billy Watts (Mojo Monkeys) and Wimmer, and features lush musicianship from Watts (electric and acoustic guitars), David Raven (drums) and Taras Prodaniuk (bass) of the Los Angeles swamp-country-rock power-trio, Mojo Monkeys, and from Beth's acclaimed band-mates in Switzerland, singer Suzie Candell, bassist Rodrigo Aravena, and multi-instrumentalist Dänu Wisler.

Karsten Rube at Radio Skala, Berlin, Germany writes (translated from German): Songwriter Beth Wimmer grew up in Boston on the American East Coast. Later, she moved to the American opposite pole to Southern California. Under the sun of the South she found a lot of inspiration for her music. And then she moved to Switzerland, where she has lived for several years. On her current album "Bookmark" she proves, however, that she has not changed her wit against the Alpenjodeln with her move. She presents ten songs on the CD, all of which were written by her besides the Bowie song "Starman". "Starman" is her homage to the 2016 deceased musician. Beth Wimmer scores with a very clear voice that has a slightly darker timbre and reminiscent of Edie Brickell in some passages. Their songs are pleasantly catchy and can enhance the quality of many a radio program. Titles like "Loosen my Grip" and "Mexico" are rousing and sound like Californian oranges taste: refreshing. "Louisiana" a classic Americana song that you can hear again and again and with "The Last Part" she delivers a slow, dreamlike love ballad. On the radio scale, Beth Wimmer's album "Bookmark" is a recommendation for the month of November, as it protects the listener from depression in this gray season, and with a cheerfulness that does not require exaggeration.

and from The Netherlands... Marten van der Laan, Country Stew, Radio Compagnie, Netherlands writes.... "Dear Beth, I've listened to all ten songs... I think you did a great job. Have no favorite song yet, but listened to your 'Starman' twice; like the moments in the song where you 'can hear Bowie'. Good to hear that you found the last part of your jigsaw puzzle. Lovely song, and heartfelt. It's so good to have a soulmate. I think you did a fine job on the composing and arranging part. All of the songs have a natural and comfortable flow, kind of laid back feeling whilst listening. Beth Wimmer's 'Bookmark' sparked my heart. Thank you Beth. To describe my feelings/thoughts after listening to several songs I would like to use a metaphor: a river floating through the landscape..... it led me to the following quote: 'A gentle current, at times strong, carries the lyrics on Bookmark through a changing lovely landscape leaving a mark on its shores after each bend'. "

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