February 2020 -- moving right along... :)

it's HERE! i have it! my new CD! it's called Chemical Reaction! i will post it here, i must learn this new system, ahhhh!! my web-host transferred me to a new web-host! oh, the things life throws at you sometimes.... so my site needs a little reconstruction, and you'll see it soon. :)

BUT - i'm thrilled to announce Chemical Reaction came out loverly, and i am currently going through all the channels of sending it out into the music-loving world. thanks to all my friends and colleagues for your support!

Mojo Monkeys come to switzerland again next month, March/April 2020, to tour and they'll play some shows with me too, presenting 'Chemical Reaction' live. so i'm looking forward to Spring!

this weekend: FR 21. February, i perform in southern Germny, in Dennach, at the Kirchgemeinde. then Monday evening, February 24, i sing songs completely unplugged in 'Montagsblues Winterthur' during an inspirational, spiritual talk from Reto Nägelin. 

please check 'TOUR' for details and times for all concerts... and please sign my Guestbook here on my website. Merci! 

Love and Music... Happy New Year! beth ☀❦ 

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want news from Beth?

Next Gigs... see 'TOUR' for more.


Kirchgemeinde Dennach, Germany

Hauptstraße 28/1, 75305-Neuenbürg, Germany

Beth solo-acoustic. i love singing in this beautiful room, for the soulful, music-loving community of Dennach. my third time here, lucky me.


Montagsblues Winterthur

Ida Sträuli-Strasse 91, 8404-Winterthur, Switzerland

Beth solo-acoustic. unplugged and playing a few songs in between the uplifting and spiritual messages from speaker/host Reto Nägelin... Eine musikalisch-philosophische Reise durch den Alltagsblues. Host und Talker ist Reto Nägelin. barbetrieb ab 18:30.


Restaurant Frohsinn, Weinfelden

Wilerstrasse 12, 8570-Weinfelden, Switzerland

i'm playing a solo show in Weinfelden, TG tonight! Käsewoche im Frohsinn - Nun sind auch die Künstler bekannt, die uns während der Käsewoche musikalisch verwöhnen! Jeder Abend wärmstens zu empfehlen. Essen und Musik ab 18:00 - Kollekte.

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"Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it's not fine it's not the end." -Oscar Wilde



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