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"Bookmark" (2017 bethsongs) REVIEWS..., UK -- by Mike Davies, January 1, 2018:

Raised on America's east coast with her poet mother and folk-singing grandfather before moving to Los Angeles, Wimmer's been based in Switzerland for several years, although Bookmark, her fourth album and the first in six years, was primarily recorded in Liechtenstein and Austria. Bookmark is co-produced by Billy Watts from the Mojo Monkeys, who also provides guitar, and features bassists Rodrigo Aravena and Taras Prodaniuk, drummer David Raven and multi-instrumentalist Dänu Wisler with Suzie Candell on harmonies.

Stylistically, this is a relatively bluesy album, although it opens in dreamier shape with the title track's reverie, Watts adding electric guitar and bass to Wimmer's acoustic on a celebration of a perfect relationship served up in musical metaphors. The blues kick in though on the uptempo 70s AM boogie rhythm of 'Loosen My Grip', Taras Prodaniuk laying down the basslines on a number basically about getting loose, letting go of the bad and going with the groove that offers up the wisdom to "keep your eye on the sweet donut, not on the hole."

Likewise, even if the lyrics concern moving on and not crying years over a bad love, the lazing mid-tempo ballad 'Louisiana' also evokes thoughts of that same mellow rock era and artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon, Wendy Waldman and Maria Muldaur.

There's a folksier, more acoustic air to 'Mahogany Hawk', an airy waltz through Laurel Canyon soundscapes with hints of Joni that, in its theme and nature imagery, also echoes the era's disdain for consumerism and commerciality and the desire to fly free of society like the lyrics 'avian saint'.

Autobiographical notes sound on the Texicali coloured 'Mexico', Wisler providing dobro and Watts taking the acoustic solo on a suitably warm rolling rhythm and sway as she sings about moving from California to marry a man from Switzerland, but annually returning to melt winter sorrows dancing in the sun.

Strumming acoustic with Watts sliding in the pedal steel, 'Pretty Good' sounds another anti-materialistic note on a song that celebrates those that try and perhaps fall short rather than those who succeed and lose touch, a countrified rolling rhythm backdropping the call to do your best at what you do and to bring a glow to the vibe in your neighbourhood backyard.

Breathily but powerfully sung and again in classic soulful AM mode with resonant guitar from Watts, 'Simplicity Of A Man' is a near six-minute poignant love song that, unusually in a world that can often have a cynical arch-feminist perspective on men, looks inside the soul and finds a tenderness within. It opens on the image of an elderly widower mourning his bride of 52 years, continuing with a young philosopher rendered speechless on the birth of his child before narrowing the focus to a more personal, intimate understanding of how the male of the species may not always articulate their love, but this doesn't mean they don't feel it.

The final stretch begins with the album's sole cover, Wimmer's voice soaring on a gently faithful take of Bowie's 'Starman' complete with la la chorus and handclaps finale before heading into 'The Last Part', a slow waltz dreamy ballad love song that can be best summed up in the line from Jerry Maguire, "you complete me". It ends on another upbeat note with 'We Can Do This', an all acoustic percussion-free track featuring mandolin and lap steel that for some reason reminds me of Lesley Duncan's 'Love Song' about how, while there may be storms to weather and it may sometimes take the scenic route, love is always worth trying to hold together.

A bookmark is defined as something that enables you to return to or remember a place or a time with ease; this album will make you want to do both.

-Mike Davies,, UK, January 2018


'music that needs attention' - Blog by Theo Volk, Netherlands, December 29, 2017.

Beth Wimmer is een uit Californië afkomstige, maar in Zwitserland woonachtige singer-songwriter. Naast een solocarrière vormt ze een duo met Suzie Candell. Haar titelloze debuutalbum verscheen in 2001, vandaag haar nieuwste, het in eigen beheer uitgebrachte album Bookmark. Het is mijn eerste kennismaking met de muziek van Beth en direct een zeer aangename. Ze is zowel een uitstekend zangeres, met een soulvolle stem, maar ook een begenadigd liedschrijver. Een uptempo liedje als Loosen My Grip is na één keer luisteren al niet meer uit je muzikale geheugen te branden. Let hier ook eens op het oerdegelijke gitaarspel van medeproducer Billy Watts, die lang in de band van Eric Burdon speelde. Veelal zijn haar liedjes ingetogen en daarin komt het stem het beste tot zijn recht. Uit haar teksten blijkt vooral dat ze geniet van het leven dat ze leidt, ze hangt niet aan materiële dingen, zoals bijvoorbeeld blijkt uit Pretty Good : “I don’t want the latest phone, I don’t need more plastic stuff filling up my humble home”. Van het vrolijke, zeer goed in het gehoor liggende Mexico straalt de levensvreugde af. Alle liedjes schreef Beth zelf, op de cover van David Bowies Starman na. Dat liedje heeft een speciale betekenis voor Beth, het  vormde ooit de motivatie om zangeres te worden. Op het handig uitklapbare hoesje staan de teksten vermeld. In oktober verzorgde Beth nog twee optredens in Nederland, waaronder in podiumcafé Peter en Leni in Steendam. Gelukkig bestaan er in Nederland nog zulke locaties, waar minder bekende, onafhankelijke artiesten een kans krijgen. In het geval van Beth zeer terecht, want ze levert met Bookmark een prachtplaat af.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Bookmark', Beth Wimmer - album review by Richard Wagenaar, NL (translated from Dutch):

In 2004 Beth Wimmer published her first album 'Live Within Live Without' and in 2011 her latest album with 'Ghosts & Men'. A beautiful oeuvre from this American singer-songwriter who holds her domicile in Switzerland, and to that strong company of albums she also gives a quality injection with her latest 'Bookmark'. An album full of beautiful songs and a whole that evokes hope and happiness. Many songs with a positive meaning and a few more melancholy songs. 'Bookmark', standing still at special moments, is also the opening song of the album. A great opening that is followed by the beautiful 'Loosen My Grip' and the equally beautiful 'Louisiana', songs that are more up tempo, before 'Mahogany Hawk' dives into the melancholy in a somewhat slower song. Wimmer has a very nice and pleasant voice. On the album she is surrounded by a number of great musicians such as drummer David Raven, bassist Taras Prodaniuk and especially guitarist Billy Watts who also took the production of this album for his account. Watts, long played with Eric Burdon, has done a fine job with this clear and accessible album and his distinctive guitar playing. Pleasant, besides the very nice design, is that the texts are printed too, because Wimmer is a very fine lyricist. For example in 'Pretty Good' about being satisfied with the things you have in your life ,,i'm playing my guitar and like me she shows her age. She'll never be a star, never play the greatest stage and it takes courage singing proud through old cracked wood." That may be true, but it sounds pretty good. Surprisingly, the performance of 'Starman' by David Bowie is a song with special meaning for Wimmer, because she used to sing along with these sounds and was encouraged by her mother to keep singing. The closing of this strong album is with two beautiful songs 'The Last Part' and 'We Can Do This', both with an optimistic message. The album was recently presented at Peter and Leni in Steendam, NL, where Wimmer & Watts played the album in its entirety. A must and a suitable entry in the oeuvre of this American singer songwriter.


December 3, 2017, from Mike Penard, Radio ISA, Lhuis, France…

"Dear Beth

I am very very impressed with your new album 'Bookmark'...the best you recorded ever, without any debate... OK there are all these good songs, the very good rendition, but what shines the most is your voice. There is a self confidence I didn't hear before, your voice on this rich soundscape brings an emotional intensity to your songs... and you sing on melodies that are not so easy, it is your strength, it is part of your musical identity, part of your charm. And when you give us hooking melodies as on 'Pretty Good', you hit the sky! Really...this cd is kind of an artistic blossoming, you give me the feeling you found yourself, your found your own path... Merci!!" -Mike Penard, RADIO ISA, Lhuis, France.


"Ghosts & Men" (2011 Radiosky) REVIEWS... ~ Swiss Music Scene! --by Monthy Christo, May 5, 2012:

Den Namen Beth Wimmer kennt man hierzulande noch kaum, obwohl mit "Ghosts & Men" letzten November bereits das dritte Album der aus Boston stammenden Wahl-Bündnerin erscheint. Allerdings ist es das erste, das in Europa entstand, genauer in Italien. Sucht man sie bei unseren Partnern und Mx3 findet man jeweils den Hinweis auf den Singer/Songwriter mondo, durch den sich auch der Kontakt zu uns ergab. Pressestimmen aus - Achtung - Holland, Belgien und England haben dagegen Herz und Seele des wirklich wunderschönen Sounds schon bemerkt. Seit dem Release dieses Albums erntet die Amerikanerin auch erste lokale Früchte ihrer Arbeit, etwa in Form von Airplay bei Radio Grischa und Radio Swisspop. Die Musik, die zwischen Country, Americana und Folk variiert - gemeinhin Modern Folk genannt - ist mit einer häufig eingesetzten Hammond-Orgel ganz besonders auf emotional gemacht und versprüht eine gewisse Nostalgie. Nur vor dem Hintergrund eines weniger glücklichen Schicksals erkennen wir überhaupt wie gut es uns geht. Dementsprechend interpretiere ich auch das Cover mit dem dunklen Gewitterhimmel, der die Sonne auf den Bäumen im Vordergrund ganz besonders hell und intensiv erscheinen lässt. Wie wenn das Schicksal seinen Kampf um die Seelen der Menschen plötzlich am Himmel austragen würden. Ähnlich schön und doch mit einem nachdenklich traurigen Einschlag versehen sind auch die Songs der Künstlerin, die man auch schon mit Lucinda Williams verglichen hat. Die Referenz im Inland hiesse übrigens Shirley Grimes. Mit "Ghosts & Men" hat die neue Nachbarin nun also quasi mit einer Flasche Wein an unsere Tür geklopft und trägt ein Stück der grossen weiten Welt in die kleine, behütete Schweiz. Wohl bekomms!


Some words from CD Baby:

Taking a page from the books of Aimee Mann, Tracy Chapman, and Chrissie Hynde, Wimmer makes folk-rock Americana tales of men past, present, and dearly departed. These are songs that are confident, worldly, and warm, filled with harmonies just as smooth as her voice.

-New and Notable, Great Folk Music From CD Baby.


March 2012. R2 Rock n Reel, UK

Beth Wimmer is an American who is big in Europe--except that Britain seems to have largely passed her by. Ghosts & Men is her third album--strong acoustic/electric songs and imaginative arrangements topped off with a brilliant slow-burning cover of Bad Moon Rising. Recommended. -R2 Rock n Reel, UK

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Italy) -- Gianni Zuretti Reviews 'Ghosts & Men'
April 23, 2012


February 2012., Holland

"De in Zwitserland neergestreken Amerikaanse Beth Wimmer heeft een schitterende plaat afgeleverd met Ghosts & Men (eigen beheer) waarop haar knappe composities een geweldige meerwaarde krijgen door het uitmuntende spel van de Italiaanse multi-instrumentalist Damiano Della Torre. Wimmer serveert haar liedjes met sloten vol soul. Een prachtige stem heeft ze. Op Sweet Tragedy doet ze vooral denken aan een sexy Carly Simon in topvorm. Bring You Back is al even fraai, maar dan iets meer als Rory Block. Beth Wimmer verdient nog veel meer lof voor al het moois op Ghosts & Men, maar dat kan niet zonder de spotlichten vol op Damiano Della Torre te zetten. Luister maar eens naar die gloeiende bodem van Hammondorgel op Blame Yourself. Te heet om op te staan. En de rollende noten van de accordeon op Beautiful Friends zijn pure magie. Oh ja, de solo's op elektrische gitaar zijn ook al om de vingers bij af te likken. Percussie in de juiste doseringen is ook zijn werk. Trouwens ook van Pablo Leoni, die vooral op cajon en djembe fraaie accenten zet. Heel bijzonder is de kale nogal trage cover van Bad Moon Rising. Met naast al het andere hier nog even een stukje slidegitaar van Damiano. Verkrijgbaar bij CD Baby."

English translation according to Google:
"The Swiss-American perched Beth Wimmer has a great album delivered with Ghosts & Men (Radiosky) in which her handsome compositions are given great value by the outstanding play of the Italian multi-instrumentalist Damiano Della Torre. Just listen to the glowing floor of Hammond organ on 'Blame Yourself' - it's too hot to stand on. Wimmer serves her songs with veins full of soul. A beautiful voice she has. In her song 'Sweet Tragedy' she reminds us of a particularly sexy Carly Simon in top form... the rolling notes of the accordion on 'Beautiful Friends' are pure magic. and very special is the bare rather slow cover of 'Bad Moon Rising'."

-John Gjaltema,


November 2011.

"American singer-songwriter Beth Wimmer has called the rugged, famous mountains of Switzerland her home for some time now. After two increasingly promising albums, her newest collection of country-infused rock, 'Ghosts & Men', is by some distance her strongest yet.

Perhaps being geographically so far removed from the alt-country industry machine has allowed Wimmer the space to make this excellent record on her own terms, which benefits from being thrillingly more considered, individual and original than so many others who occupy the same field. There's enough evidence here to set Wimmer a cut above the over-crowded field she may otherwise get lost in." 

-Ian Fildes,


November 2011. Heaven Magazine, Netherlands

"Waarna we net nog even plek hebben om u attent te maken op "Ghosts & Men", het nieuwe en beste album van de in Zwitserland woonachtige Amerikaanse Beth Wimmer. Buitengewoon soulvol zingend, paart ze ook op dit vierde album een sterk gevoel voor melodie aan pakkende refreinen en liedjes, waarbij vooral de folk-rootsy instrumentatie deze keer werkelijk niets te wensen overlaat.

Extremely soulful singing..."

- Heaven Magazine, Netherlands


October 2011. Red Hot Rock, Sweden

"Kolla upp Beth Wimmer, hon har gjort en skön platta full av pricksäker americana och folkrock inklusive en långsam, puttrande version av Bad Moon Rising. Hennes egna alster funkar faktiskt lika bra." 

-Henrik Linden, Red Hot Rock, Sweden


October 2011. Ghosts & Men,, Sweden (Eget)

"En härlig upptäckt i den stora CD-floden. Blues- och soulinfluerad americana tillsammans med multiinstrumentalisten Damiano Della Torre. Många fina eftertänksamma texter kring relationer och livet, och en helt fantastisk långsam, hårresande version av »Bad Moon Rising«. Som ett omen.", Sweden


October 2011. Country Jukebox, Germany

Nein. Die in New York geborene und im ländlichen Massachusetts aufgewachsene Singer/Songwriterin BETH WIMMER erfindet das Rad nicht neu. Noch nicht einmal den von Blues und Soul beeinflussten Americana-Mix definiert sie neu. Aber, muss das immer gleich sein: immer revolutionär, alles neu, alles anders? Keineswegs. Wenn es nur einfach so schön ist und so wunderbar fließend daherkommt wie auf Ghosts & Men, dem bereits dritten Album der lange Zeit im sonnigen Kalifornien beheimateten und heute in der Schweiz lebenden Künstlerin, dann langt das allemal, zumindest denen, die es gern entspannter mögen. 

-Country Jukebox, Germany


September 25, 2011. Musik an Sich - Wolfgang Kabsch

Knapp zwei Jahre nach Miracle Girl legt die in der Schweiz lebende Amerikanerin Beth Wimmer den nachfolgen 'Ghosts & Men' vor. Sie wartet erneut mit 11 dem Country / Americana verpflichteten Songs auf, die noch eine Spur gepflegter ins Ohr gehen als die des Vorgängers. Die beiden Einstiegssongs sind mehr Folkperlen als dem typische Country verhaftet, "Bring You Back" überzeugt mit einem sehr feinem Orgelspiel, das dem Song richtig Drive gibt. "Blame Yourself" ist eine traurige Ballade, mit einer verlorenen Gitarre zu der Beth den traurigen Text inbrünstig, aber nicht aufgesetzt intoniert. Die Orgel, die sich zur Gitarre gesellt unterstützt die süßliche Melancholie und rundet so den wohl besten Track des Albums ab. 

Die etwas längere Pause nach diesem ergreifenden Song wird dann wo lichten Gitarren eröffnet, die mit "Beautiful Friends" in die erste typische Countryballade mündet. Eine wunderschöne kleine Ballade, die ebenfalls wieder von einer grandiosen Orgel untermauert wird. Schwungvoller wird es in "My Babe" wo eine interessante Perkussionsarbeit den Untergrund für ein angenehmes und schwungvolles Stück Countryfolk stellt.

Insgesamt hat sich Beth noch mal ein Stück nach vorn bewegt und mit 'Ghosts & Men' eine perfekt produziert und eingespielte Folk / Americana CD vorgelegt. Im Großen und Ganzen bleibt Sie sich treu und ist einfach nur noch stärker geworden.



October 2011. Ctrl Alt Country, Belgium

"Derde volwaardige langspeler van de ondertussen in Zwitserland woonachtige Amerikaanse zingende liedjesschrijfster Beth Wimmer en net als voorganger "Miracle Girl" van zo'n jaar of drie geleden is ook dat weer een alleraardigste plaat geworden. 

Met tien nieuwe liedjes van eigen hand en een bijzonder geslaagde, zo goed als volledig onthaaste swampy cover van Creedence Clearwater Revivals "Bad Moon Rising" scoort ze daarop zo menig een fraaie treffer. En dat lijkt ons in niet geringe mate mee de verdienste van de Italiaanse multi-instrumentalist Damiano Della Torre. Die nam immers niet enkel flink wat van de voor "Ghosts & Men" benodigde instrumenten voor zijn rekening, maar tekende samen met Wimmer zelf ook voor de productie daarvan. Mede dankzij zijn expertise en "fingerspitzengefühl" gaan Wimmers "true life stories and fantasy pieces on men past, present, and recently passed away" hier nog net wat innemender klinken dan dat voorheen al het geval was. 

Met wat ons betreft ditmaal speciale vermeldingen voor het zonderling soulvol aandoende tweetal "Damn Angel" en "Easier Life", het zomers zwoele streepje roots pop "Lover On The Run", het op bedaarde wijze naar haar dagen in "Sunny California" teruggrijpende "Sweet Tragedy" en de hoger al even vermelde CCR-adaptatie. 

Euro Americana om met recht en rede heel erg trots op te zijn!" -Benny Metten, Ctrl Alt Country, Belgium


September 2011,, BELGIUM - Valere Sampermans

De in de buurt van het Amerikaanse Boston opgegroeide zangeres en songschrijfster Beth Wimmer is voor de trouwe lezers van de Rootstime pagina's al lang geen onbekende meer. Twee jaar geleden kon u hier al een zeer lovende recensie lezen over haar tweede cd "Miracle Girl", een plaat die er pas 5 jaar na haar debuutalbum "Live Within Live Without" uit 2004 kwam, maar die toen heel aangenaam verraste en enthousiaste vergelijkingen met o.a. Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders) en Lucinda Williams bij ons opriep.

Sinds enkele jaren woont Beth Wimmer in de buurt van het Zwitserse Zürich waar ze ook een aantal lokale topmuzikanten heeft gevonden die haar bij live optredens begeleiden. Zo is Damiano Della Torre een multi-instrumentalist uit het Italiaanse Como die keyboards (Hammondorgel en piano), accordeon en bas- en elektrische gitaren bespeelt. Hij heeft nu samen met Beth Wimmer haar derde studioplaat "Ghosts & Men" opgenomen en geproduceerd.

Dit nieuwe album is een verzameling van tien zelf gecomponeerde moderne folk- en Americanaliedjes waarin Beth Wimmer haar verhalen over en haar ervaringen met mannen' vertelt. Er duiken goede en minder goede exemplaren op die haar leven op één of andere manier hebben beïnvloed en haar liefde gaven maar ook gekwetst hebben. Zelf beweert de zangeres dat er enkele ware verhalen bij zijn, maar dat er gelukkig ook louter fictieve ervaringen worden bezongen.

Beth Wimmer heeft ook nu weer een coversong gelecteerd die bij haar eigen songs past. Op de vorige cd "Miracle Girl" was dat "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" van Neil Young en voor het album "Ghosts & Men" koos zij voor de overbekende rocksong "Bad Moon Rising" van John Fogerty en zijn groep ...Creedence Clearwater Revival' die ze hier in een verrassende maar heel mooie balladversie brengt.

In een aantal nummers zorgt Damiano Della Torre voor een knappe ...finishing touch' met zijn bijdrage op Hammondorgel en accordeon. De kwalitatieve constante doorheen alle songs op dit album is echter de rustgevende, sterke zangstem van Beth Wimmer die telkens weer excelleert in songs als openingsnummer "Lover On The Run", "Bring You Back", "Beautiful Friends" en het vrolijke liefdesdeuntje "My Babe" met Hammondorgel en accordeon-intermezzo's en slotsong "For The Living", een aanstekelijke, ritmische uptempo ode aan het leven.

"Ghosts & Men" straalt een enorme maturiteit van Beth Wimmer als zangeres en songschrijfster uit. We kunnen echt geen woordje van kritiek vinden voor dit alweer uitstekende nieuwe album van Beth Wimmer. Nu ze toch in Europa woont, zou ze eens een uitgebreide tournee moeten overwegen doorheen de Europese landen. Wat ons betreft mag ze daar meteen mee beginnen in België en Nederland.

"On her third album ...Ghosts & Men' Beth Wimmer is demonstrating a great sense of maturity as singer and songwriter. Her strong but relaxing vocal performance is THE constant factor in all eleven songs on this record. Also the magnificent instrumental contribution of co-producer Damiano Della Torre on Hammond organ and accordion adds tremendous value to the the songs and therefore deserves a separate mention. You should seriously consider to buy this excellent cd."


by Frank O. Gutch, Jr., August 21, 2011

You ever try to discourage anyone from doing something you don't want them to do? I do it all the time. It's a simple matter of I write reviews, people want me to write one. So we dance. I have an album. Would you write a review? I don't take submissions. Well, I (we) think it's pretty good and we like what you're doing with your site. The reason I don't take reviews is that I write only about the music I like. I (we) think you might like this if you give it a chance. But I can't promise anything. I only write about the music I like. Could I (we) send you a copy anyway? I (we) think you'll like it. Okay, I suppose, but no promises. No promises. I (we) understand.

They don't, though. They don't know the emotional wrangling that goes on when I receive an album which I either don't like or don't really know how to write about. I know that these albums they asked me to hear are their babies. I know that they have sunk money, emotions and sweat into them and that they think they have something. The last thing I want to do is pick up their baby and smash its head against a rock.

Well, a few weeks ago, Beth Wimmer wanted to send me her child. Ghosts & Men, it is called, and she was relentless, or maybe I should say persistent. I buckled. When it came in the mail, I was so far behind I didn't have the time to listen. It sat for a week. When finally I made the time, I understood her persistence. Ghosts & Men is one of those albums which when you find, you wish you'd found earlier.

Wimmer is an expatriate living in Switzerland and through a series of circumstances ended up recording in Italy with Damiano Della Torre. Wimmer had the songs. Della Torre had the touch. Together with a handful of session men (including The Mojo Monkeys' outstanding percussion man Dave Raven), they lay out eleven rocking to soft-rocking beauties--- some a little more beautiful than others. I say that because here and there Wimmer has a tendency to step outside the circle, as on 'Blame Yourself' with the strange combination of only electric rhythm guitar and a Hammond organ playing what seems to be 21st Century radio soap opera background music. It shouldn't work, but it does in an eerie kind of way. The song itself, by the way, was written for Beth's sister, who had the unfortunate experience of being with her father when he unexpectedly died, something a child should never have to see.

'Beautiful Friends' is one of Wimmer's contributions to the Americana world, a medium slow melodic tribute to a passed love and a passed lover. 'Easier Life' also, it having a slight Amy Speace feel to it (I heartily recommend you check out Speace's latest, Land Like a Bird--- it's a beaut). I would say 'Lover On the Run', but it is not Americana as it is straight rock with pretty fringes.

Wimmer places two standout tracks in front of us--- one a standard, a cover of CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising'. While it is a song I usually can do without (I think I've just heard it way too many times), Wimmer slows it down and Damiano Della Torre grits it up with such class slide work, I find myself actually liking it. I asked her what made her arrange it that way and she replied that "what possessed me to grit up Bad Moon Rising is a couple things. see, i play gigs over here in Europe. and i go to gigs. i saw that over here the 'crowd' really likes Bad Moon Rising. ('it's got a good beat and you can dance to it') ;)  one night i was unfortunately listening to a bad rendition of BMR done by a band, and his bad pronunciation was making me aware of what the lyrics really are. this song was written 40+ years ago and the words were premonitory of the intense, natural disasters happening today. i started playing the song at my gigs, but way slowed down and finger-picked, and the audiences were really responding to it. i would always preface the song by saying 'you all know this song', and i'd start to play it upbeat and annoying. they'd all bob their heads and tap toes. but then i'd stop the song after the 1st chorus and i'd say, 'now have a listen to the message...' (this was right around the time of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan). and i'd play it slow, with thought and intention for the words. as i said, the audiences were really loving it and telling me so. i was inspired to put it on the album and make it my own, new message, if possible..." Fine by me. First time in decades that I didn't cringe when I heard the song.

The other standout is a song titled 'For the Living'. While the others live in the seventies pretty much, For the Living steps into the eighties--- Stevie Winwood's eighties. The slight ska beat and the shifting background vocals reminds a lot of certain songs on Winwood's Back In the High Life, the intertwining rhythms giving it an energy beyond, if you will. Again, Wimmer explains it: "For The Living is my exulted message on how we can accept life, share life, and fully live life. i'm very happy you like it. i have a very-professional musician friend who really wanted me to put that song in the middle of the CD, to 'bring up the energy'. i tried it, but just couldn't go with it. i opted for what felt good and right to me with this collection of songs." In this case, I would side with Wimmer. It is the perfect capper on a solid album.

Some things just happen for a reason, I guess. Wimmer could just as easily have accepted my initial rebuff, if rebuff it was, or I could have stood my ground and simply said no, but it didn't happen that way. Like I said, sometimes things happen for a reason. I would say that this might very well have been one of those things. Nice work, Beth. May others hear what I hear.

- Frank O. Gutch, Jr.


by Stephen, Ireland:

"Beth Wimmer - American singer/songwriter now lives, tours and records in Europe. She has co-produced this, her third album, with her multi-instrumentalist band member Damiano Della Torre.

Her previous albums found her working with members of Mojo Monkeys and she managed to persuade drummer David Raven to join them for a few tracks.

The overall sound is Americana-ish with touches of eclectic electric folk. There are swells of Hammond B3, forceful guitars and strident rhythms at the heart of these heartfelt songs--the focal point of which is Wimmer's voice, a strong instrument that conveys the emotion of the songs whether the more laid back lines about traveling with the right man in 'Easier Life', a theme that she also takes up with 'My Babe'. It features some textured touches of accordion that give the song added musical depth.

In 'Makin' War' the subject misses her man while he's off doing what a man has to do. These songs are about life, love and relationships. Subjects common to most singer-songwriters but when in the right hands convey common experience.

Her take on 'Bad Moon Rising' (the only cover song) is done by adding some sense of disturbance that enhances the mood of the song.

'Damn Angel' deals with tragedy and features some atmospheric saxophone from the late Max Gini that underscores that mood of loss. By way of contrast the closing 'For The Living' is a celebration for a universal peace taken at in positive uptempo attitude with a strong vocal chorus and the accordion again adding to the ambience along side the prominent bass line. This ends the album on the up side of the spirit--a place where ghosts, men (and women) can celebrate and appreciate the positive, the moment where music brings us together." 

-Stephen Rapid, August 2011


August 9, 2011

I'm thrilled to announce that my new album "Ghosts & Men" is receiving some wonderful, early feedback and radio play! A big thanks to Mike Penard, Lazlo, and Chris Spector for the following expressions...

in a letter to me, from DJ Mike Penard, Radio ISA, Lhuis, France:
"the very first positive feeling comes from the beautiful cover already gives an idea of the quality inside. after listening, I have been impressed with the sound quality, the beautiful and rich arrangements... everything is chiseled.
there is magic in your voice that carries emotion... your songs are beautiful and they are a testimony of your humanity... your words immediately bring the listener into your world. I am happy to know you and your music. I will air the songs Easier Life, My Babe, Bad Moon Rising, and Damn Angel starting Tuesday, and will send you my next playlist at the end of September.

WOW!! Merci to you, Mike. xo

in a letter to me, from DJ Lazlo of Lazlo's Den, New Jersey, USA:
"On first listen I think 'Ghosts & Men' is my favorite of all your albums... Love the new songs, each one has something about it that pulls me. And I love what you did to "bad moon rising". I have always said that if an artist is going to do a cover, make it your own, and you certainly did. I will start playing songs from 'Ghosts & Men' on Lazlo's Den Tuesday night (my new music show).

and from Chris Spector, Midwest Record, USA:
"BETH WIMMER/Ghosts and Men: Left leaning, neo nu folkie travels to Italy to give her songs a load of special sauce that might not have been sprinkled on if staying in her native Boston and recording locally. Presenting deeply felt songs in a deeply felt performance, you also feel something lurking under the surface that she's not really a queen of pain type. It's got its heart and soul in back porch music, but Wimmer's back porch might be the balcony of a high rise condo." -Chris Spector, Midwest Record, USA

AH, I'm so pleased! stay tuned... more to come!


On "MIRACLE GIRL" 2008 USA/2009 Europe. PRESS:

2010: SCOTLAND's RADIO SIX lists two tracks from "MIRACLE GIRL", "Lover From Last Summer" & "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", as finishing 3 and 8 respectively in the RADIO SIX TOP TEN Records of the Year, 2009! 


From NetRhythms UK, by Mike Davies:
"Being confronted with a blurb that describes her as "the conscious person's Renaissance Singer/Songwriter. A strong & sensitive Artist tuned into living peacefully in today's uncertain world", immediately prompts me to expect some sort of New Age dippiness.

However, the CD having arrived with payola in the form of a Swiss bar of chocolate-enrobed Ovaltine biscuit, I'm predisposed to give it a chance.

Thankfully, the soft shuffling opening title track quickly dispels such fears, revealing the Boston born, Switzerland based Wimmer to be more in tune with the Americana of Lucinda Williams with a warm, relaxed, slightly twang-smeared huskiness that's drawn comparisons to Chrissie Hynde.

It's a winning introduction and she proceeds to cement our new relationship over the course of the following nine cuts, from the equally easy rolling Ten-Four through a ska-country bouncing Lover From Last Summer, a bluegrass streaked Dreams Bring Me Down and the fragile folk balladeering My Name Is Love to closing bar room guitar slinging Nashville rocker Self-Righteous Son Of A Bitch where she shows she has the sass to match the sweet.

Topped off with a dreamy, piano waltzing cover of Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart, it deserves to win her wider attention and build on the positive reviews for her Live Within Live Without 2004 debut. Released in Europe at the end of last year, two tracks found their way on to the end of year Top Ten of Glasgow based Radio Six International. I'd be surprised if at least one didn't figure on the Radio 2 list in nine months time. Even without chocolate bars."
~ Mike Davies, NetRhythms.UK, March 2010


"As the new country of Nashville is more and more starting to resemble pop-rock, why not adopt this album's kind of clarity in music instead of the usual, trendy FM-radio? Meaning a production in which you can distinctly hear the different instruments rather than the mishmash, the muddle provided by 'big production FM'. This fourth album by Beth is the proof of what's happening to new country right now, but believe me, it's also the proof of a positive course of events! The production and the accompaniment are perfectly enhancing a voice both very assured and very pleasant...and with a true jewel in the guitar provided by Billy Watts, currently backing Eric Burdon, every note is pertinent and the resonance is brilliant." ~ JJC, Le Cri Du Coyote, FRANCE 


"In die enorme kweekvijver die de States zijn, zo hebben we al eerder geponeerd, zijn er talenten van allerlei grootte. Hele legers singer-songwriters dingen naar onze aandacht. Af en toe duikt er wel eens iemand op die iets meer te bieden heeft. Zo Beth Wimmer, een dame uit New England, die op haar achttiende verkaste naar Zuid-California, maar tegenwoordig vaak in Zuid- en Midden-Europa te vinden is. Met drie cd's en een LP op haar actief, trad ze al in heel de States op, en Italy, Zwitserland en Duitsland volgden. Miracle Girl heet de cd die ze eind 2008 aan het rijtje toevoegde. Het openende titelnummer laat horen waarom Beth zich niet moet schamen voor haar muzikale activiteiten. Miracle Girl is een warm en overtuigend pleidooi om toch haar als lief te nemen. Beth Wimmer weet zichzelf op de liefdesmarkt goed te verkopen! Het muzikale ligt daar dus in het verlengde van: ze heeft een vaste en aangename altstem en de begeleiding is gewoon ok. Deze laidback start wordt dan ook passend verder gezet met doorgaans rustige songs al wijst ze er in de up-tempo halve reggae Lover From Last Summer die ex-minnaar op dat hij zijn kansen de eerste maal grondig verbeurd heeft. Het statige, vocaal groots uitwaaierende I Couldn't Do It groeit uit tot de misschien wel sterkste song van dit ten pack. Het volgende O My Brother is een ontroerende walsstructuur. Country in Dreams Bring Me Down, een sixties feel in My Name Is Love, leuke spanningsopbouw in Powerful Love: typische albumtracks, maar zeker niks mis mee. De twee laatste songs eisen volop de aandacht: eerst een onopvallende maar daarom niet minder geslaagde en in deze context goed gecaste versie van Only Love Can Break Your Heart van Neil Young. En om af te sluiten Self-Righteous Son Of A Bitch dat rockt als de gemexicaniseerde builenpest op een schitterende invective. Je zal daar maar het doelwit van zijn... Ze thinks het verdomme. Beth Wimmer: de naam is genoteerd." ~ Marc Nolis, BELGIUM'S MazzMusikaS 


You can order Beth Wimmer's "MIRACLE GIRL" here.


"Beth Wimmer embraces Americana with alt. country, rock and folk...The result may be called astonishing. Wimmer with the title track immediately indicates a very clear business card: '..with a miracle like me...brave and crazy things I do...I'll bring magic to your world, I'm a miracle girl!' Superb honest voice, full of heart and soul and incredible songs." ~ Francois (Swa) for, BELGIUM


"If Chris Isaac and Annie Lennox moved down to the southern part of the states and got themselves a babygirl and this girl did an album when she was somewhere in her 30's it would probably sound like this. Beth Wimmer perches on a very nice voice and a very solid and good mature singersongwriter album..." Paer Winburg, SWEDEN 


By Martin Smit of Next Big Thing, Germany: "Floating, they say the tempo is floating, and it does, it sneaks in sleepy sensual, it shuffles in along side a languorous guitar solo, the seduction, the come on is the very thing, melting the present, fading out into a dreamlike future.

Then in 'Ten Four' taking a macho subject and subverting it like Aimee Mann likes to do, Beth steps up the edgy a little and glancing sideways, throws herself into new wave reggae and the daylight shows itself. This girl doesn't need her Lover from Last Summer, it's a put down in a pop song, the best way to be (slightly, honestly) nasty.

And then the ambiguous anti war song, she wants to know how it would feel, she wants to maybe taste the craziness, she says she is not at all strong, then she sings this epic. Take her hand and she will pull you as close to the darker edges as she can.

After the intense internal of 'O my Brother' (another shy epic) a genuine pop country hit, the shuffle is faster, the words tumble harder. The giddy swing delights. this is 'Dreams Bring Me Down.'

And in the Neil Young cover, she takes what was always fragile, and adds her own quiet sadness, her own female perspective of the danger and despair of love.
Finally, take the put down described earlier, times it by rock n roll boogie, add thumping drums and wooshing guitar, and you got this violent cool kick in the pants, F Ya, big sister to "You're So Vain" just with way more oooomph."
~ Martin Smit, Next Big Thing, Germany,


"Geen dame die zich de wet laat voorschrijven, iets wat ook naar voren komt in de liedjes die ze schrijft. Die gaan over omgaan met emoties, maar Beth Wimmer komt toch vooral zelfverzekerd over. Na een prachtige cover van 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' van Neil Young besluit ze de cd met het hard rockende 'Self-Righteous Son Of A Bitch': Well you're a self-centered, inconsideerate, immature, manipulative, selfisch lover, egotistical, narcistic, opinionated, self-serving, non-deserving, yellow-bellied, egg-suckin, double-standard, hypocritical, lying, cheating, reckless, deceiving... Hier doet ze niet onder voor de stoere Marshall Chapman, die trouwens ook wel een beetje lijkt op Amanda Lear... Bijzonder: de skabeat in 'Lover From Last Summer'." ~ John Gjaltema,, NETHERLANDS


"I've long been an admirer of Beth's smoky alto which is front and center on the wonderful "Miracle Girl". It's her songwriting though, that shines through. The tongue in cheek "Lover from Last Summer" and "Self Righteous Son of a Bitch" are two favorites. I love it when a writer says things in a way that they've never been said before." ~ Peter Barker, Threshold Sound + Music, LOS ANGELES


You can order Beth Wimmer's "MIRACLE GIRL" here.


BELGIUM, - targeting the rootsmusic-lovers in Belgium & the Netherlands. "Miracle Girl", by Valere Sampermans.

~ by Valere Sampermans for Rootstime, Belgium - "Miracle Girl" by Beth Wimmer

Beth Wimmer is een zangeres die haar roots heeft in het Amerikaanse New England maar nadien sinds meerdere jaren in Los Angeles woonde van waaruit ze gestaag aan haar muzikale carriere werkte. Ze is langzaamaan populair geworden in Europese landen als Zwitserland - waar ze momenteel ook woont - en in Italie en Duitsland waar ze steevast enkele dagen doorbrengt tijdens haar Europese tournees. Volgende keer zou ze zeker Belgie en Nederland aan haar reisschema moeten toevoegen want deze muziek kent ook in onze contreien een trouwe aanhang.

Haar singer-songwritercapaciteiten etaleert ze uitgebreid in de tien tracks die werden weerhouden voor haar nieuwe album "Miracle Girl" dat ze samen met David Raven heeft geproduceerd. Als producer werkte Raven in het recente verleden ook al samen met o.a. Norah Jones en Nancy Sinatra.

De liedjes over hoop, humor, liefde en menselijke warmte vormen een coherent samenhangend geheel en werden op melodieuze muziek gezet waarbij de invloeden uit het country- en folkgenre duidelijk herkenbaar aanwezig zijn.

Qua stemgeluid doet Beth Wimmer soms denken aan Lucinda Williams en in de song "Ten-Four" roept ze bij ons zelfs even het beeld op van Chrissie Hynde van The Pretenders. Het uptempo countryrocknummer "Lover From Last Summer" gaat er bij ons in als zoete broodjes maar dat geldt evenzo voor de meer klassieke tearjerkers als "Miracle Girl", "I Couldn't Do It", "O My Brother" of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", een song van Neil Young en de enige cover op deze mooie cd.

Dat Beth Wimmer ook over een behoorlijk grote portie soul beschikt valt dan weer te beluisteren in "Dreams Bring Me Down" en "Self-righteous Son Of A Bitch", een onvervalste rock'n'roller die als afsluiter van dit album wordt geserveerd. Die swingende stijl was overigens nog veel sterker aanwezig op haar vorige plaat "Live Within Live Without" uit 2004.

Beth Wimmer blijkt dus een dame te zijn die van meerdere markten thuis is en daarmee kom je dezer dagen heel ver op de podia in het Europese muzikale landschap.

*** "Beth Wimmer is a lady with soul in her voice and love in her heart on the album "Miracle Girl', reminiscent of Lucinda Williams or Chrissie Hynde. She demonstrates that she can deal with different music styles which will bring her on several stages in Europe and in her home country of America."
~Valere Sampermans for



We like strong women on the border of folk, country and rock songs. And when they are writing such beautiful music as Beth does, we like them even more. We know she is "the real thing" when she's made such an excellent cover of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart". 


"Actual Music" by Wolfgang Kabsch for Musik an Sich, GERMANY:

Die in New England, USA geborene Beth Wimmer lebt und produziert Ihre Musik inzwischen in der Schweiz. 

Die junge Dame ist aber auch auf Ihrem vierten Album noch ganz Amerikanerin. Sie spielt nicht nur einen ziemlich erdigen Country / Americana, nein, Sie hat auch die richtige Stimme dafuer. 

Das heisst jedoch nicht, das sie einen auf Dauer eher nervigen Stil wie Miss Dolly Parton (Sorry, aber auch Denkmaeler muessen mal zurecht gestutzt werden) oder aber langweiligen wir Miss Judie Collins (Sorry, aber auch Denkmaeler muessen mal zurecht gestutzt werden - aber Collins hat das ja mit Ihrem Beatles Tribute vor ca. zwei Jahren selber getan) pflegt, nein, der Country Folk / Country Rock von Beth Wimmer klingt zumeist sehr erdig und sehr angenehm.

Besonders die Balladen, von denen es mit "Powerful Love" und "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" und anderen, einige gibt, sind sehnsuechtig, mit einfachen, aber feinen Melodien versehen und die Gitarren perlen dahin.

Und das wichtigste ist, wie angesprochen, die fuer eben diese Balladen aber ebenso wie fuer einen richtigen Rocker (ausgerechnet das letzte Stueck eines eher ruhigen Albums) wie "Self Righteous Son of a Bitch" hervorragend geeignet.

Also: endlich mal wieder ein ordentliches Album aus der Country / Americana Ecke, die sonst feur viele Peinlichkeiten sorgt.

~Wolfgang Kabsch, Musik an Sich, Germany

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BELGIUM, 
Beth Wimmer - Miracle Girl, written by Cis Van Looy:

Zoals menig singersongwriter verliet Beth Wimmer haar thuishave. 

Amper achttien verruilde ze haar thuishaven in New England voor het zonnige Californie waar haar muzikale ambities concrete vorm kregen. Ondertussen leeft ze in Europa en musiceert ze in Italie en Zwitserland. Haar recentste werkstuk 'Miracle Girl' kwam echter tot stand met muzikanten uit haar geboorteland. Producer David Raven (Jim Lauderdale en Norah Jones) zorgde voor percussie geruggesteund door Taras Prodaniuk, die eerder de basstructuren neerzette bij Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam en Michelle Shocked. Bill Watts (Bonnie Raitt, Dixie Chicks) bedient de elektrische gitaar en lapsteel, en Daniel Nahmod de piano. Deze door de wol geverfde muzikanten stellen zich bescheiden en functioneel ten dienste van Wimmer. 

Het oeuvre situeert zich voornamelijk in een breed georienteerde countryfolk-hoek en de zangeres put inspiratie uit omzwervingen en toevallige ontmoetingen. Deze impressies worden met gracieuze stembuigingen vertolkt. Het huppelritme van 'Lover From Last Summer' spreekt me niet meteen aan. De ietwat treurige teneur van de titelsong 'O My Brother' en een countryslijper als 'I Couldn't Do It' des te meer. Ook akoestische nummers zoals 'My name is Love' en 'Powerful Love' gaan deze 'Miracle Girl' bijzonder goed af. Haar versie van Neil Young's 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' werd al door talloze zangeressen (o.a. Elkie Brooks) gecoverd en ze bijt haar fraaie tanden niet stuk op deze klassieker. 

Even uit de bol gaan mag, zeker met zo'n puike begeleiders, Wimmer spaarde dit op voor de rockende afsluiter 'Selfrighteous Son of a Bitch', klare taal van een zelfzekere lady. Hopelijk vindt Beth Wimmer in de Zwitserse Alpen inspiratie voor een even sterke opvolger. 

~Cis Van Looy for Keys and Chords, Belgium


SNIPPET of 'Miracle Girl' CD Review by
(25 May 2009) Miracle Girl picks up where Live Within Live Without left off. Again, Beth treats listeners to her unique blend of Americana and folk with a touch of rock - and a lovely cover of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart."

Wimmer's songs are infused with lush vocals and guitar laden accompaniment. Her luxuriant voice mesmerizes the listener, wanting more and more. She tugs at the heart strings with her songs of humanness, hope...This tapestry of human emotions is beautifully woven and quite captivating..."


Beth Wimmer, 'Live Within Live Without'. Soulful singer-songwriter. by Eric van Domburg Scipio, Heaven Magazine, NETHERLANDS:

"Originally from the East Coast of the USA, singer-songwriter Beth Wimmer went all the way to the other side of the country to LA to record her first studio album with a bunch of musicians who have earned their spurs with artists like Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, Jennifer Warnes and Jim Lauderdale. It explains why the CD, despite being self-released, sounds a whole lot better and more versatile than may be expected...she is actually making: rootsy pop, folk rock, country rock, singer-songwriter... You can find it all here, and even some world music thrown into the mix. Thanks to Wimmer's soulful, earthy voice and her talent to write good songs with strong melodies and choruses (Pretenders meets Tracy Chapman, as CD Baby says), Live Within Live Without oozes quality. Although we do miss an all-encompassing style, 'Situations' and 'Hard' were the songs that worked best for us, maybe not coincidentally the most singer-songwriterly tracks of this talented artist."
~ Eric van Domburg Scipio,


MORE REVIEWS of 'Live Within Live Without' CD...

'Live Within Live Without', by Musical Discoveries:

(15 November 2008)...she opens this emotive album with "Situations." Beth's alluring vocals are down-to-earth and filled with wonderful fervor. The marvelous violin by Mark Indictor complements the flowing melody, in addition to the hammond B3, lending a sumptuous feel to this track. "Move On" has a rockier edge in this song about self-realization. Beth shows her expertise in telling her story with a sensivity and humanness. The title track, "Live Within Live Without," has a great psychedelic feel with its folk/rock roots.

"With Our Eyes Closed" has a catchy percussive melody that has great hooks. There is a warmth that envelops her vocals shown throughout this entire set of songs. She can handle many genres, and has a special affinity to her gorgeous country-infused folk as in "Hey Babe." There is an honest simplicity that she delivers with confidence. She continues in a similar vein in "Lose My Way," permeating this track with slide guitar and her beautiful vocals.

"Saturated" heightens the senses. Beth's soulful tones and folk/rock sound are explosive here. She continues to show great sensitivity in "Calling All Hearts" and "Hard." The latter song has marvelous mandolin, mandola and violin accompaniment that pervades this piece. Combined with her clarity of tone, this song is a true winner. You can definitely "feel your sensations run high from within."

Her soulful rendition of "The Wheel" carries a straight-to-the-point feel. Country sounding "Holdin' Out" speaks of hopes and dreams of a love relationship. Beth exposes a vulnerability and intimacy of feelings that tugs at the heart. She concludes with the flowing "Every Time." This song of human setbacks and hope is spirited and beautifully presented.

Beth Wimmer certainly deserves top kudos for this lush and savvy album. Live Within Live Without has a free spirited feel, exploring love lost and love found. She has definitely found a connection with her gorgeous vocals and sweeping melodies. She exudes a richness as a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist that leaves the listener wanting more and more. She has a new release entitled Miracle Girl that has also been well received. Her music comes from the heart and heightens the senses. --Audrey Elliot in New York for


BETH WIMMER'S CDs internationally available on and on Itunes.


Beth Wimmer, Live Within Live Without, Brand new to Preying Lizard Music and upon the first listen I'm hooked. This is a fantastic CD and Beth is a great vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. She's a free spirit with a beautiful outlook on life. Don't hesitate to visit her site - and hear this great indie artist on Preying Lizard's Pirate Radio show! She's got the goods to move up to the top of the world of Indie Music! ~the late Les Lewellyn, Preying Lizard Music


I must say - I REALLY like this record. Most of the time when I master I get pretty analytical with the music and can't always hazard a creative judgment as to the songs and production. I listened to the whole thing one evening a couple weeks ago front to back and was really blown away by the overall intimacy and feel of the album. Not that I wasn't expecting it to be great - It just blew me away. Beth has captured something special with this album and should be very proud. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to work on it. -Stephen Marsh Mastering



Beth Wimmer Thrills at Temple Bar, Santa Monica. by Robin Frederick, February 2006:
On Tuesday evening, I went to a performance by singer-songwriter, Beth Wimmer at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica. I had heard her album 'Live Within Live Without' and was impressed with the production, vocal performance and songwriting in general. She mixes the melodic appeal of Sheryl Crow and the rolling energy of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" style with lyrics that move easily from relationship songs like "Move On" to the spriritual message of of "The Wheel." Beth's vocals onstage are as powerful as her performance on the album. Her stage presence is relaxed and friendly and she moves smoothly from one memorable song to the next. Her full one-hour set is consistently strong and entertaining. Although she usually performs solo, on this particular night she had an outstanding backup band whose credits read like a who's who of Alt Country. David Raven is one of the finest drummers on the scene today. His solid groove and tasty fills provide the kind of backing that singers pray for, Billy Watts on lead guitar and Taras Prodaniuk on bass were both superb. Raven most recently played on the soundtrack for "Brokeback Mountain" and co-produced Wimmer's CD. you can hear Beth's music at My pick: "Move On"!!! A great song with the potential to be a hit single in the Alt Country genre.


Wimmer really cut loose and let her freedom and joy shine forth. With the addition of this energy, her show scope morphed to include FUN in the experience. Wimmer especially connected on the title track from her debut CD, LIVE WITHIN LIVE WITHOUT, where atmospheric touches massaged a haunting lyrical story that is soothingly and beautifully captivating. ~Kevin Wile, USM Poet

Wimmer's guitar and voice are warm and her lyrics are pure reminders of how life isn't always warm and easy, but instead uncertain. Sober and melancholy, yet holding sweet hope. What a nice change from the trend of lyrics that bash - bash the ex, bash the current, bash the wish-it-was, even bash oneself. We all need this reminder from Wimmer that we have gold inside. ~ Buffy Fitch, Music and Art Criteek