warm winter greetings-new album is ready! :)

Dear friends, family and music lovers... 

Happy Hanukkah, Dreamy December, Merry Christmas... i hope my note finds you well as we wind down this beautiful year with this sweet holiday season... it's been a wonderful but indeed a heartbreaking year, 2017. 

my friends and family have celebrated magnificent occasions this year -- new babies born, precious elders having birthdays well into their 90s, moving to new states, building new homes, creating art, music, sharing goodwill with others.... all wonderful stuff! 

and we've experienced first hand destruction and loss... floods in California and Nevada at the top of the year... tornadoes, hurricanes! Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico...absolutely heartbreaking, with devastating repercussions still not resolved... heat waves, droughts, and unforgiving wildfires... as we're all getting older together, our families grow and become more beautiful, and the earth 'grows' and changes, and has become more powerful, with weather forces more dangerous and destructive than ever and 'natural' catastrophes all over the planet. 

what can we do, besides being aware and politically active to our own degree for the good of ourselves, our neighbors, our country...? we can be mindful, we can do our best to communicate well, live purely, share, be good humans... buy less single-use plastic please:)... be courteous, kind and forgiving (thank you Steve Martin). and you know what else? BE HAPPY. have a good time! life is astounding, full of wonder, sometimes full of opportunity--and life is short. enjoy every freakin' moment. 

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to so many of you who contributed this year to the making of my new album! it was wonderful of you to participate with your encouragement and support, i was very moved and inspired by you, thank you. thank you for staying in touch, for 'rooting me on' with my little music career i've created over here in Europe! your continued friendship, your care, and the musical and personal roots we created together over the years mean the world to me.  

my new CD, entitled "Bookmark", is now finished and i'm very ready to share it with you. i've been mailing out copies and delivering downloads all month, with just a few more of your pre-ordered/contribution CDs going out this week! thank you for your patience. :) i sure hope your 'Bookmark' CD finds you well, and i look forward to your thoughts on my first new album in six years! 

"Bookmark" is co-produced by celebrated LA-based guitar-player, Billy Watts, and myself... recorded in Liechtenstein, Austria -- and across the pond, in Los Angeles. 

if you'd like to order your copy of "Bookmark", the best way is personally, with me. digital downloads are available exclusively (for now) at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/bethwimmer4 (that link will take you directly to my new album) and soon my store/page on CDBaby.com will have hard-copies in stock. or simply write me back and i'll lovingly fulfill your order with a signed copy. :) we can do paypal, personal check, or electronic bank-transfer. it's all very easy...

have a very merry and healthy Holiday Season, whatever or however you celebrate... only the best for you into the new year.

with Love and Gratitude,


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