Steamy Gigs in June

hi friends! 

summer is almost here and it's a beautiful time in east Switzerland. we've had some very hot days and i've had some steamy concerts where i've sweated my skin off! but i love that sauna-effect while i strum and sing. ;) 

the end of May and beginning of June were overflowing with fun and sometimes crazy shows in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria!

one notable night i drove on one-lane dirt roads marked 'no autos' next to the Neckar River in Stuttgart to get to my gig. then the only guests there, to my amazement, were my small but sweet and loyal group of fans (which IS growing) from the region. the restaurant itself had not one music-loving diner nor guest to offer me. as the audience moved inside on that warm evening to hear my plugged in concert, i unplugged and moved us all back out onto the terrace and played 'house concert style', up close and unplugged. it was lovely. thank you, my German friends and fans. 

last weekend i played at a wonderful little venue in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria - Schrödingers Katze Cafe. i was so happy to see a friend ride up on his motorcycle to watch my show. i had not seen him in almost a year and we greeted each other gladly. but to my dismay and his painful disappointment, after my third song, in his excited applause, his stool shifted off the platform it was on and he fell over backward -- and broke his arm!! he will be fine after some time, but what a disaster! :-(

June 19 i'll play with Harry Schöch in Murg, Switzerland at the edge of stunning Walensee (Lake Walen). and the end of this month (26-28 June) Luka Zotti from Como, Italy and i team up for 3 shows in Austria and Switzerland. 

July 1st i am thrilled to sing with Suzie Candell at a private party, and we'll be warming up and getting excited for her CD-Taufe (CD-release Gig/Party) on July 18 in Reflex Bar, in Buchs, SG, Switzerland.

July 9, 10, and 11 i sing harmony vocals with Harry Marte & Big (& Li'l) Pit in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, then Austria. excited! 

lots of solo shows as well, including a 4th of July American Celebration in Thun, Switzerland. it is a private party, but do let me know if you'd like to come, perhaps as my guest. :)  Click on 'Tour Dates' for details. 

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ciao! liebe grüsse, Love, beth

this was in Birkenried, Gundelfingen an der Donau, Germany, when i was able to visit Danny Santos & Los Bluegrass Vatos at their wonderful afternoon concert -- the last day of their Switzerland/Germany tour. GREAT band!


What wonderful adventures you've been having while playing great music!

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