loving where i live!

it's been a long time since i've updated my blog, so i'll start easy... with just a little day to day news from my neighborhood. as a reminder, i live near Sennwald, in the St. Galler Rheintal in Switzerland. 

we have a saying in english that goes something like, "we partied (or danced, or played) until the cows came home." i never knew where this saying came from. now i get it. it's swiss! today, "the cows came home". these lucky milk-cows were brought down from the high mountains, where they'd pastured in cooler climates all summer, to graze once again in their green home valley as fall is certainly coming. right through our little town, these beautiful and hard-working farmers, dressed in their traditional best, marched their prized and decorated cows for this special home-coming occasion. it's a colorful, clangy and heartwarming sight to see - and hear! ❤

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