feeling creative!

it's a grey yet warmish autumn afternoon here in Sennwald, Switzerland. i have so many creative ideas, it's crazy! and i hope you are someone who is also inspired -- to invent, to communicate, to create, to find joy and share joy!

my creative ideas involve (finally) making my own video -- ok, a 'lyric video' but still, it's a step into the realm of video making, for me. :) i shall do this with my original Christmas song "Peace at Christmas", after i ask for your help.

i'm also in the process of writing new songs, and i plan to record them in Spring 2017 with my long time friend and musical partner, Billy Watts. he will be here, in Switzerland, touring at that time with his band--one of my all time favorites, Mojo Monkeys. David Raven, my dear friend, is the lead singer/drummer in Mojo Monkeys, who is also a great record producer and produced my first two albums - 'Live Within Live Without' and 'Miracle Girl'.

so it's time for this miracle girl to move forward, create new things, embrace changes, roll with moments and be focused and open minded! and it's a perfect time to do this as most of the autumn leaves have fallen, making more space in the forest (of my mind) for sweet light, breezes, and new shoots of life growing forth. :)

hope you'll enjoy this photo i took from my kitchen window last week...

thanks for reading! with my Love,


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