beth wimmer
beth wimmer


Saturated             Beth Wimmer c2003


hard day at work and i stumble home

my girlfriend calls on the telephone

crying about what her lover said

i pay my bills and fall into bed


now i can’t handle another thing on my plate

i know it takes patience to see the daylight

but i just can’t wait



i’m saturated emotionally i’m saturated emotionally

i’m sinking fast baby can’t you see

i’m saturated emotionally


i got a lover who won’t commit

my mama’s bugging me to visit

my boss is calling for saturday

i got this gig but it doesn’t pay


there’s no telling just how much more of this i can take

i usually bend just fine but i feel anytime now

i’m gonna break




i try to hold on tight but i can’t sleep at night

cause i’m thinking it through

and i say my prayers that someone upstairs

will show me just what to do


i got deadlines to meet but i’m dead on my feet can’t you see

i’m at my wit’s end so for now my friend

you probably better let me be...


i’m saturated emotionally

i’m sinking fast anyone can see

can’t hold no more sensitivity

i’m saturated emotionally