Calling All Hearts

beth wimmer
beth wimmer


Calling All Hearts Beth Wimmer c2003


when i wanted lovin i knew what to do

i’d pick up the phone babe and place my call to you

but last time i gave my heart and you didn’t give it back

you took it and somebody saw you headin down the track



i said calling all hearts calling all thieves

i’m calling on the angels to pick me back up off my knees

calling all hearts calling all thieves

won’t you bring my heart back babe have mercy on me please


i thought it would be easy to be involved with you

we’d hook up a couple times and i knew that we’d be through

but my downfall was when i fell for sweet words that you said

now you disappeared and i can’t get you out my head




i knew that i wouldn’t fall in Love i knew i was strong

but the way i feel today i know i was wrong

feel like i been violated how could i be so blind

how could you be so cruel to commit emotional crime