September 2018...

thanks for visiting my website. i hope you're keeping cool during this hot summer!

i'm delighted my new album, 'Bookmark', is receiving great reviews and radio play on European and US radio. i love playing the new songs live! if you'd like to order your copy of 'Bookmark', please visit 'MUSIC' here on my website. or contact me, and i'll personally post you a copy. ❤

BIG NEWS this summer... Monday July 9, my band 'Soulmates' and i played onstage at Montreux Jazz Festival. we had a terrific show and loved bringing our energy to that beautiful audience at the legendary Montreux Festival.

this Friday, September 21, i play a couple sets, in between 4PM-6PM, at the Street Food Festival Rheintal, at Haag Center in St. Galler Rheintal. then Saturday, 22 Sept, i'm singing with Suzie Candell and with Roger Szedalik on e-guitar and vox in Beni's Backroad Beiz, in Sils i.D, GR! so i'm already looking forward to the weekend. :)

please check 'TOUR' for details and times for all concerts... and please sign my Guestbook here on my website. Merci! 

Love and Music... beth ☀❦