rainy springtime... and FAMILY

i do love the change of seasons, i really do. but i do wish they would actually CHANGE. :-) well... it has changed from snow to rain here in switzerland, it's true... but after being in colorado and california recently for two weeks, i clearly remember now one of my favorite things about california -- besides my dear family and friends, and the ocean -- the WEATHER! oh my gosh, every day was warm, sunny, sparkly, shiny, salty-tasting, pleasant, blue, green, golden, palm-tree-shimmering, sunscreen-wearing, WARM and easy-breezy weather. :)


OK, surely i must have something more interesting to write about than weather... oh yes, i do!


FAMILY: old and young. what a wonderful time i had in the states last month, visiting family. what a blessed and bountiful time. i think i gained 5 pounds (2.5 kilos), eating all the delicious home cooked meals and wonderful restaurant choices (yes, the USA has GREAT food) but no matter - i LOVED seeing my family again.


here are two of the oldest members of the Wimmer clan, and the newest. Auntie Gerty (88) and Auntie Betty (94)... and then baby Abby (4 months). LOVE and GRATITUDE, beth



April 07, 2015 @01:05 am
Sounds like a good visit which might inspire new music - how wonderful!

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