march madness! :)

yes, march madness, but in a good way. :) a good 'mad', as in 'mad about you'. :)

i am trying to publish a new website, (trying to) write new songs and polish them, trying to answer all emails, help friends fund their crowd funding campaigns, spend time with my chubby cats brushing and playing with them, spend time with my husband (he's cooking dinner, thank goodness) AND pack for my trip to Colorado and California!

i am an american girl, singer songwriter, living in switzerland for nearly 7 years now. i love it here, and i really live here, i must pinch myself daily when i look out my window at my view. 

i have built my career here better than i could have done in the states, and i have no regrets about leaving the USA. and thank goodness for skype and facetime so i can stay in close contact, video chat, with friends and loved ones. i love that i live in a new (old) country.

AND, i am very excited to go visit my family and friends in beautiful USA tomorrow. the march madness is two states and a road trip, all to visit 3 wonderful aunts, 30 cousins, 2 sisters and a brother, one of my moms, and a handful of dear friends! 

now THAT. is exciting. off i go!

Love and wellness,


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