October 2019... summer has cooled down into lovely autumn days here near Lake Constance, where i live!

i had a full and abundant summer of gigs and music, friends and family... this month i'm working on finalizing my new upcoming album, 'Chemical Reaction' -- so much to do! plus as always, some live shows... 

Friday October 25, 8PM, i perform solo in a House Concert in Röschenz, BL. if you'd like to come, please let me know and i'll give you the address, you ARE invited! Saturday October 26 i'm solo in Gate 68, in Solothurn! looking forward to visiting these regions of my beautiful Switzerland in Autumn!

please check 'TOUR' for details and times for all concerts... and please sign my Guestbook here on my website. Merci! 

Love and Music... beth ☀❦